Guiding Statements

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Maximising the potential of future world citizens.


To provide an internationally recognised education to a culturally diverse student body in a caring and supportive learning environment.


LICS is a secular, non-political, non-profit-making school owned by the parents. We aim to meet the academic, physical, pastoral and social needs of our students by providing them with an all-round education. We seek to maximise individual attention for all students through our small class sizes, differentiated teaching and our Learning Support programme. LICS encourages the widest possible involvement of all nationalities and cultures and promotes respect for, and pride in, Zambia. We believe that it is important that our students, teachers, staff and parents feel themselves to be part of a lively and caring community.


  • LICS shall be a co-educational, secular, non-political, fee-paying, non-profit school, owned and managed by the parental body through an elected Board of Directors in a Company limited by guarantee.
  • LICS shall actively promote and maintain the spirit of a multicultural community in which individuals and groups take pride in understanding, tolerance, equality, and respect for each other’s differences.
  • LICS shall endeavour to create and foster a caring, child-centered and family orientated atmosphere and environment.
  • LICS shall take the CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) educational system as its base and provide a requisite range and variety of subjects in academic disciplines, as well as extra-curricular activities in cultural, creative and sporting areas.
  •  LICS shall implement varied and appropriate teaching and assessment methods to cater for different learning styles, abilities, skills and interests.
  • LICS shall employ a diverse faculty of well qualified and highly motivated local and overseas staff, with international backgrounds and experience.
  • LICS shall strive for a campus providing the facilities and resources to fulfil the educational goals of the school and promote responsible environmental awareness within and outside the school.
  • LICS shall put in place governing systems which promote prudent finance and responsible business practice.
  • LICS shall promote interactions with the wider community and encourage the participation of all its stakeholders.
  • LICS shall strive to achieve excellence in all areas of operation through self-reflection and continuous improvement.
  • LICS aims to engender in its students a broad understanding of global issues by promoting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ultimately contributing to establishing a fairer and more peaceful world.


Through our vision of “maximising the potential of future world citizens”, we have been exposing our students to a world of learning and an education that is rounded and all-encompassing; complimented by attractive facilities on 5 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds: music and performance rooms, ICT labs, libraries, a multi-purpose hall, a tennis and basketball court, 25-metre swimming pool as well as a beginner’s pool and a football pitch.