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Employ a blended learning methodology, embracing appropriate technologies for teaching and learning.
Develop in its students the character, virtues, values, competencies, and the ability to develop connections.
Employs a diverse faculty of well qualified, competent and highly motivated local and international staff.

“We are happy with the play based learning approach in the pre-primary school. Our children see going to school as going to play and always look forward to school which is also testament that they are very comfortable and content in the school environment. We are amazed to discover how much knowledge they gather through their play-based learning!”


“Our boys love LICS and have adapted very easily from their previous school. They really value the teaching and wide range of activities available, especially sports, music and school trips. All the staff have also been really helpful with the whole transition.”


“When we decided to seek admission for our daughter to LICS, we believed this was the right school for her intellectual, emotional and creative development. Admission process was very smooth and teachers also ensured that she settled in quickly. When she started going to LICS, we realised that she has not gone just to an International School but to a True Global Village, where children from different nationalities and cultures enjoy being together and where the phrase “Unity in Diversity” really holds strength.”


“When we were first deciding on schools, I took my long list of questions going around all of Lusaka searching for the best fit for our family. What I found at LICS answered all of my questions and so much more! I found the children at LICS happy to be at school and there was a wonderful sense of community. We are so glad to be part of this diverse yet united family!”


“LICS Arts Academy experience has been amazing! We appreciate the awesome opportunity that the LICS Arts Academy has provided to our son to pursue his musical journey. He has developed his instrumental talent (Piano, Drums and Guitar) in an amazing way. Many thanks LICS Arts Academy for nurturing musical talent in our children.”


Welcome to

LICS offers a range of settings for students to learn and grow: in the art studio, in a traditional classrom setting, on the pitch or in a quiet corner of the library. We know that everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace. Our job is to guide the way and provide the space for progress.

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At Lusaka International Community School (LICS), the Pre-Primary School (PPS) encompasses Early Years and the Reception classes and caters for learners between the ages of one to five years.


The Primary curriculum is directed by the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science only.


LICS Secondary School has an amazing number of students from Year 7 to Year 13. Small class sizes, combined with a very dedicated international teaching body


Places will be reserved for students up to the end of January of each academic year.

Why Us?

We provide an internationally recognised education to a culturally diverse, globally-minded student body in a caring and supportive learning environment.

Which year group will my child be placed in?

Candidates for admission to LICS will be placed by age into the appropriate year group. Once you have provided the Admissions Office with a fully completed application with all the required supporting documents and the intended date of admission the Admissions Secretary will confirm the year that the student could be accepted into at LICS. If the student’s current placement is different to the one our year group allocation according to age, the appropriate Principal will give give their recommendation. In special cases a lower or higher grade can be recommended, and only if it best suits the needs of the child and meets the basic requirements of the LICS Admissions Policy.

What is the minimum age for students to enrol at LICS?

The minimum age for students to join LICS is 1 year (10 months). The student has to be 1 year by the 30th of June in the year of joining. Potty training is not an admission requirment for learners in the Pre-Primary School.

Is there an application deadline?

There is no application deadline. We enroll students throughout the academic year.

Arts Academy

We believe in encouraging our students to think creative.

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