ICT in Pre-Primary

LICS attaches great importance to Information and Communications Technology. It is viewed as an indispensable tool not only in teaching and learning, but also in the day-to-day management operations of the school. As a testimony to this, the entire campus is connected through a mixed topology of cabled and wireless network. All staff and students have access to dedicated broadband Internet connection. All teaching rooms are equipped with a visual display system such as an e-beam or smart board. Staff have access to a laptop or a desktop as a standard IT resource.


ICT IN THE EYD Information and Communications Technology is all around us. Children in the Early Years Department are informally introduced to ICT through creative play activities. Most of the children are already familiar with some electronic gadgets such as tablets, pre-computers or kids laptops. In school they use electronic toys to enhance their play. From Reception onwards, the children attend weekly formal lessons in ICT.