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Art can be summarised as the means by which people express themselves to each other and communicate creatively. The LICS Art Secondary Department endeavours to nurture the expressive and creative abilities of all students. It is compulsory at Key Stage 3 and optional at Key Stage 4. The Art Room is a place of expressive freedom and stress relief through self-expression using various art materials such as clay, paper, pencil, paint and many more.

Like any other academic subject, Art has curriculum expectations and is taken up to and includes IGCSE.

The Art Curriculum is designed in reference to the IGCSE syllabus and includes design inspired by the local art and crafts that students see around Zambia. Students are made aware of the contemporary Art through regular visits to local galleries and interaction with practising artists.

Students’ work is assessed from time to time as a way of keeping track of their progress. Regular display of students’ artwork in classrooms and other display boards is used as a way of building students self- esteem and motivation.