The Infant/Toddler programme is based on the universal patterns of development that all children go through i.e. children crawl before they walk. We acknowledge that each child is unique and pass through the developmental stages at different rates. As carers for infants and toddlers we take into account the ways young children approach new experiences and how they interact with others.

The goals of the Infant/Toddler programme are based on the knowledge of the physical, emotional, social and cognitive abilities of children in this age group. These goals aim to:

  • Promote maximum interactions between children and caregivers
  • Allow for time to be spent on routine activities e.g. changing diapers, feeding, washing and dressing
  • Facilitate and encourage parental involvement in order to adequately manage anxieties faced by parents when placing children in our care
  • Foster and nurture the development of attachments to caregivers and begin the resolution of separation difficulties
  • Encourage communication through a variety of methods between parents and caregivers
  • Provide a safe environment which encourages the maximum possibility of exploration by the infant/toddler
  • Ensure that many types of play activities are planned and offered
  • Encourage the development and use of language skills
  • Ensure that staff are caring, dedicated and cater for the needs of young children