LICS-Education Outreach Programme (EOP)


The LICS-EOP is a function of LICS which provides a platform for service learning for LICS students. Through the LICS-EOP, opportunities exist for students and staff, including parents, to engage with communities in areas that affect the livelihoods of vulnerable persons.  This is a framework for social, environmental community based support. Through activities (projects) undertaken in communities, LICS students have opportunity to developed their communicative skills, interpersonal skills as well as develop in their analytical thinking and problem solving. Activities include situation analysis through site visits, problem identification, planning for intervention, resource mobilisation, monitoring and evaluating, documenting and reporting.

The LICS-EOP projects are carried out under four strands, namely, Community Service, Culminating Community Projects (for A Level students), School-to-School projects and Global Citizenship Education.

The Vision

To help develop capacities and skills amongst vulnerable and needy communities for improved social and economic well-being in environments that are supportive and sustainable.

The Mission

Foster in the LICS community a spirit for service and social responsibility by carrying out interventions to ease socioeconomic and environmental challenges faced by vulnerable communities, through the efforts of students, staff and parents, all responsive and global-minded, and committed to upholding internationalism and interculturalism.