Visual Arts


The Primary Visual Arts Department begins teaching children from age 4 in Pre-Primary up to age 11 in Year 6. The pupils go from learning the basics, involving line, shape and primary colours. They also start to experiment with various media. As the pupils move up a year we usually keep practising what they’ve learnt and also challenge them more with new skills and knowledge.  From this experience, maximum learning comes from experimenting in fun projects set at various times in the year. We give the pupils a chance to explore their own creativity. As Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist.” We are strong believers of this statement. Primary classes are taught in a well resourced room.

Our students enter the ISAZ Arts Festival annually. All year groups are taught different types of 3-D sculpture in various media. Our students are introduced to well-known artists that may use a similar style. We also focus on portraiture at different levels, for example, starting with basic shapes and proportion for the youngest age groups and starting more detailed portraits and observational drawing in Years 5 and 6.