Offers of places in all grades are determined by the following criteria:

i. The first offer of a place in any class/grade is made to students already enrolled at LICS, who have indicated that they wish to remain at LICS and have paid the full relevant enrolment fee. Places will be reserved for these students up to the end of January of each academic year.
ii. The second offer of a place, if there are places available, is made to students who have siblings already enrolled at LICS and have paid the full enrolment fee. Places will be offered to these students based on availability after January of each academic year, and must be accepted by the end of February of each academic year.
iii. If there are places remaining after tier I and II, these will be offered to other applicants on a first come-first served basis, strictly based on a date of application and payment of the full enrollment fee.

Prospective students who apply to be admitted to LICS are required to sit assessments in various subject areas to enable the school to assess their individual needs on admission. Our Student Support Services Department staff administer these assessments. We use a variety of assessments which cover writing, reading, spelling and Maths.

We place children on the basis of the number already in a particular class, the gender balance, the ability mix of the class and the child’s individual needs. We have a settling in period of one month, during which the class teacher closely monitors the child and after this period the parents receive a settling in report, which covers the child’s first month in the school.


Dress and Appearance Code