Sport in Primary


Lusaka International Community School (LICS) has excellent sports facilities. The Sports department is well resourced offering a variety of equipment appropriate to the age of the student to assist the early stages of skill development. The primary school is situated on the same site as the secondary school and benefits from the use of the playing fields and indoor facilities. There is a newly installed AstroTurf area which is floodlit, providing for Hockey / Football and wet weather training areas during the rainy season. LICS is the first school in the province to have its own AstroTurf. The school has a 25m five-lane swimming pool complete with diving blocks and a 10m learning pool. The school is currently undergoing a phase of redevelopment, which will see a new multipurpose hall constructed.

The Physical Education programme is delivered by qualified specialist teachers throughout the School and the extensive activities program is supported by coaches and teachers who have recognized coaching awards and a wealth of experience and expertise in coaching to various ages and ability levels.

The aim of sport within the primary school is to allow pupils to enjoy and enthuse about physical activity. The individual’s physical, creative and social development is nurtured and each and every student is given the opportunity to acquire and develop their competence and understanding across a broad range of activities. Some of these are team based and some individual, but all students are offered chances to display their talents in competitive situations.


Basketball is a one of several key sports at LICS. It is taught during PE lessons in term one and offered as a club to students from reception to year six who wish to develop their skills. International Schools Association Zambia (ISAZ) fixtures are played in a tournament format in September & October.


Football is taught to all age groups during PE lessons. In addition, a football club is available as an after-school activity. Students from reception to year six are eligible to train twice a week throughout the academic year. ISAZ football tournaments are played during February and March.


Hockey is a very popular sport at LICS and is played throughout all age groups. Hockey forms an essential part of physical education classes in term two. In addition, an after-school hockey activity is available for junior students all year round. ISAZ hockey fixtures are played from April to June.


Swimming is taught to all students who attend LICS. This essential life skill is the biggest of all sports under taken at the school. Currently, every child has at least one swimming lesson per week, which is tailored to their swimming ability. In addition, many students opt to swim as part of an extensive after-school aquatics programme. Co-curricular swimming is split into beginners, intermediate and team swimming. In addition, the school has an elite swimming squad that competes under the Warriors banner.


Netball is delivered as an after school activity to girls aged seven upwards. The junior school competes as in ISAZ competitions at both under ten and under twelve age categories. The ISAZ netball season runs from January through March. Netball training runs twice weekly throughout the academic year.


Golf is delivered in co-operation with Lusaka Golf Club. Sessions run for all age groups on a Friday afternoon. A school bus service is available for trips to and from the course.




Cricket is delivered as part of the physical education programme and as an activity in term two / three. LICS has an abundance of quality cricket equipment and students take part in net sessions and controlled matches during training.


Rugby is delivered as an after school activity. As relatively new sport to LICS, the students first learn ball control and game awareness through the touch version of the game. Competition in the form of a touch tournament will be established with fellow ISAZ schools in 2016.

Inter-House Sport

The house system plays a large part in the pastoral areas of the school. Inter house sport creates a link between sport and these pastoral areas. Every student has the chance to represent their house in major school events such as sports day, the swimming gala and the Inter House Football & Netball. These are major events on the school calendar supported by year group competitions in the major team games. As such they serve to promote a sense of identity and belonging within the school community but at the same time promote sportsmanship and fair play where desirable characteristics such as manners, modesty and fair play are encouraged.