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Music is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change the way students feel, think and act. It brings together intellect and feeling and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. As an integral part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand themselves and relate to others, forging important links between the home, school and the wider world.

Music lessons are a scheduled part of the academic curriculum in all grades from the Early Years to Year 9, with an option to continue on to IGCSE examination level in Year 10 and Year 11, as well as A-level Music in Year 12 and Year 13. At LICS, music is not a subject that is restricted only to students who have piano or instrumental lessons, nor is it only available to talented performers. On the contrary, the Arts Academy at LICS aims, above all, to make music accessible to every member of the student body with an individualized and personal approach to education.

At LICS, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their music and dance skills at concerts, school productions, and assemblies, which are designed for students with a wide range of skills and talents. Instrumental presentations are arranged for students at every level of attainment and more formal occasions e.g.(Graduation Ceremonies and Lusaka Arts Festival Programme) giving all students the opportunity to perform regularly for their family and peers in an appropriate environment.

For a full schedule of all the extra-curricular activities offered by LICS Arts Academy, please see our 2022-2023 brochure.

At LICS students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at concerts, musical events and assemblies which are designed for students with a wide range of skills. Instrumental presentations are arranged for students at every level of attainment and more formal occasions e.g. (Graduation Ceremonies) giving all students the opportunity to perform regularly for their family and peers in an appropriate environment.


The Primary Visual Arts Department begins teaching children from age 4 in Pre-Primary in the Academic timetable and continues up to Year 9 in Secondary. In year 10, Art students have the option to continue Art and Design as an IGCSE examination subject and further specialize in Art and Design as an A level subject.

Students’ skills develop from an early age learning the basics, involving line, shape and primary colours. They also start to experiment with various media and develop their individual creativity in these platforms throughout Primary and Secondary school. As the pupils move up a year, we usually keep practising what they’ve learnt and also challenge them more with new skills and knowledge. From this experience, maximum learning comes from experimenting in fun projects set at various times in the year. Through exhibitions, displays and competitions, students get the chance to explore and take pride in their own creativity. As Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist.” We are strong believers of this statement. Primary and Secondary classes are taught in a well resourced rooms which, thanks to our students’ inspirational displays, are a hub of creativity!

Our students enter the ISAZ Mutaba Arts Festival annually. All year groups are taught different types of 3-D sculpture in various media. Our students are introduced to well-known artists that may use a similar style. We also focus on portraiture at different levels, for example, starting with basic shapes and proportion for the youngest age groups and starting more detailed portraits and observational drawing in Years 5 and 6.

For those interested in developing their interest in the visual arts, extra-curricular art clubs are run by our experienced Art Teachers for each keystage. For a full schedule of Arts clubs and all other Arts Academy activities, please see our 2022-2023 brochure below.


At LICS Arts Academy we have a team of local and International trained professionals who are passionate about the Arts and offering the best service possible to our students.

Director Arts Academy

Gonda Kotze

Arts Academy Administrator

Natasha Ngandu

Primary and Secondary Music Teacher

David Turner

Pre-Primary Music Teacher

Rabecca Odoi

Primary Music Teacher

Moses Kalomo

Piano Teacher

Chileshe Simaundu

Piano teacher

Immanuel Bwalya

Piano Teacher

Sober Musenge

Piano teacher

Simon Jaulani

Guitar and Ukelele Teacher

William Mwaka

Drum Teacher

Martin Tembo

Guitar Teacher

David Beenzu

Violin Teacher

Mutafela Mutafela

Violin teacher

Lilac Mugala

Cello Teacher

Max Lyamba

Ballet Teacher

Leverne Hinze

ZOCA Teacher

Lydia Zulu

Flute and Saxophone Teacher

Given Siamichelo

Yoga Teacher

Arti Vijayvagia

Modern Dance Teacher

Chipo Lindberg

Please take note of the following policy in relation to the provision of afternoon lessons by our team.


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    Director Arts Academy

    Gonda Kotze


    Arts Academy Administrator

    Natasha Ng’undu


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