Careers Carousel

Our annual Careers Carousel was supported by sixteen industry experts who shared their knowledge and experience with our secondary students. From engineering, law, finance, medicine and journalism among other areas, our future professionals gained valuable insights to their future decisions and making their dreams come true.

First Team Girls’ Netball crowned 2024 Midlands champions

We are proud and excited to announce that our First Team Girls’ Netball were crowned 2024 Midlands champions, qualifying them for the ISAZ Nationals to be held at Chengelo in March. Congratulations to the coaches and players who have worked incredibly hard to achieve such an excellent result.

Wellness Cafe

Wellness week started with a successful Wellness Cafe! Staff from Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary school facilitated discussions on validation, healthy eating, resilience, reading for wellbeing, routines and boundaries (and many more)! We are grateful for our LICS parents who came along to share their ideas and stories about taking care of our child’s health and […]

U16 Basketball Warriors

The LICS U16 Basketball Warriors had a fantastic tour to South Africa to the St Stithians annual U16 basketball tournament. They were exposed to some top-quality basketball competition and made us proud with their exceptional sportsmanship and team spirit.

Cultural Week 2023

Cultural Week

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