LICS Primary follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for Maths, English, Science, Music, PE, ICT & Art. Our pedagogy is based upon theories of building upon prior learning, growth mindset and delivering a curriculum that is accessible to all and differentiated to meet all learners needs. Our goal is to ensure that we offer opportunities, support and encouragement so that every individual reaches their potential in all aspects of life – academic, social, emotional, physical.

Class teachers deliver the core subjects to their own class whereas learners go to specialist teachers in their classrooms for Art, PE, ICT, French and Music. Having specialist teachers enables us to offer a higher degree of subject-specific expertise in these specialist areas. The class teacher delivers Maths, English, Science, STEP (a topic based social studies subject), Guided Reading and PSHE (Personal, Social Health Education) whilst also providing pastoral support and a home base for learners. We have a number of classroom TAs (Teaching Assistants) who support learning within the classroom and also accompany learners to specialist lessons.

We believe that learning takes place most effectively with the full engagement and support of the learner themselves, their parents/carers and their teachers. We encourage parents and learners to be actively engaged in their educational journey and therefore write termly reports for parents which detail both achievement and effort. We also have Parent Teacher Conferences three times a year as well as various community events where we can enjoy our global community and celebrate our achievements and the learner’s growth.

To enhance our provision, we take the learners on educational visits whenever possible, invite speakers into school and have residential visits from Year 3 to Year 6. We believe that learning cannot be restricted to the classroom and that our wider environment and interactions with others contribute to our learning; whether learners are being supported to negotiate friendship issues on the playground, learning to get organised when away on a residential trip or visiting the dentist to find out how to care for our teeth – all of these contexts are rich in learning opportunities.


At LICS we are proud of our culturally diverse, global-minded learners who thrive in a caring and supportive environment.  We believe that children learn best when they are at their happiest and in an environment in which they are safe, cared for and valued. This will foster an atmosphere of respect, individuality and collaboration, independence and a growth mindset. This is what we strive to create every day for all the learners entrusted to us. Everything we do at LICS is underpinned by a culture of community; this is reinforced within lessons, assemblies, house and school events. We believe that community spirt is crucial in supporting learners as they make their way through their own, unique educational journey.

The global make-up and globally-minded ethos/approach is further extended specifically in our STEP lessons, during which learners explore aspects of sustainability, traditions, the environment and people. We embrace Global Citizenship Education in order to empower learners to be self-aware, locally-aware and globally-aware.

Character education monthly theme:

Every month we take time to focus on a specific character theme designed to promote the values and attributes we believe are vital in this modern world we live in. For example: humility, generosity, perseverance, honesty and leadership. The theme is made visible around the school through display, assemblies, class discussions and curriculum integration.  Furthermore, during the awards assembly, learners have the opportunity for be awarded certificates for displaying the month’s theme.

Personal, Social, Health Education:

Every class enjoys a dedicated PSHE lesson each week where they have the opportunity to not only discuss the monthly character educational theme, but also any concerns or issues relevant to themselves, the community or the wider world. Lessons are age appropriate, engaging and child centred; often involving stories, games, songs, videos and debates.  Everyone is listened to and respected as an individual.

Student Council – learner voice:

The student council provides learners with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills through a range of activities. Most importantly, the student council is the voice of the Primary School. Each class has a representative on the student council, however, all learners have the opportunity to have their voice heard by entering ideas, interests and concerns into their class suggestion box.  The class representative takes the comments from their suggestion box to monthly student council meetings where ideas are discussed and where possible, actions implemented.


The Primary School day is designed to maximise teaching and learning capacity, balanced with meaningful pastoral and cocurricular activity time.

Furthermore, the teaching day allows us to meet the needs of the Cambridge Curriculum, thus maximising potential of all our learners.

7:25 The Primary School Day Starts
7:25 – 9:40 Lessons
9:40 – 9:55 BREAK
9:55 – 11:40 Lessons
11:40 – 12:10 BREAK
12:10 – 13:30 Lessons
13:30 – 13:45 The Academic day ends.

Learners may go home at this time or stay for afternoon activities.

13:45 – 14:40 Activity 1
14:40 – 14:45 Activity change over time
14:45 – 15:35 Activity 2
15:35 End of Day

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