LICS Primary follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for Maths, English, Science, Music, PE, ICT & Art.Class Teachers deliver core subjects to their own class whereas learners go to expert Specialist Teachers in their classrooms for Art, PE, ICT, French and Music. 

Going Global is a key subject in Primary School with learners collaborating in teams on projects with a social impact, sharing their work with the community. A major focus for our KS2 learners is Entrepreneurship, equipping them with a confident, proactive and creative mindset and indispensable skills for their future.

We encourage parents and learners to be actively engaged in their educational journey and write termly reports for parents sharing both achievement and effort. Our Learner Showcase Day has learners showing parents around their learning environment, experiencing activities together, giving them a snapshot of how they work and play. 

We take learners on educational day and residential trips for Years 3-6 and invite guest speakers, always with a focus on the environment and sustainability or supporting our local community.


Everything we do at LICS is underpinned by a culture of respect and community; this is reinforced within lessons, assemblies, house and school events. 


Teachers use a range of check-in strategies to monitor student wellbeing. Learners are clear about how to look after themselves and others at school and who to confide in if they are troubled or unwell. Teachers ensure that learners spend time both inside and outside of the classroom and exercise regularly during the school day. 

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education:

All Primary Learners follow the Jigsaw PSHE programme which helps learners navigate their world and develop positive relationships with themselves and others.

Learner Voice

Each class has an elected Student Councillor who uses their leadership skills to represent their peers with school leaders. All learners have the chance to express themselves via their Student Councillor. Student Councillors also learn to work as a leadership team across the school. 

Elected House Captains and Vice-Captains promote a team spirit within our four houses: Acacia, Ebony Mopane and Tamarind. They take a leading role in organising teams and rallying their house members to earn House Points for academic, arts, and sporting achievement and for community spirit.


The Primary School day is designed to maximise teaching and learning capacity, balanced with meaningful pastoral and cocurricular activity time.

Furthermore, the teaching day allows us to meet the needs of the Cambridge Curriculum, thus maximising potential of all our learners.

7:25 The Primary School Day Starts
7:25 – 9:40 Lessons
9:40 – 9:55 BREAK
9:55 – 11:40 Lessons
11:40 – 12:10 BREAK
12:10 – 13:30 Lessons
13:30 – 13:45 The Academic day ends.

Learners may go home at this time or stay for afternoon activities.

13:45 – 14:40 Activity 1
14:40 – 14:45 Activity change over time
14:45 – 15:35 Activity 2
15:35 End of Day

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