The LICS Secondary School Philosophy is firmly child centered with strong values placed on putting the child at the heart of their learning. This can be seen in the strong and growing pastoral care system that is in place. The school day allows for a balanced approach to both lessons and recreational time alongside tutor group time where all students take part in tutor led Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lessons held daily with their tutor and peers. The curriculum is a fully inclusive Cambridge Assessment International (CAI) Curriculum, encompassing 10 subjects at Key Stage 3, 10 IGCSE options (outside of the core offering) at Key stage 4 and 12 options (of which students upon entry can choose up to 4) at AS and A-Level in Key Stage 5. All learners complete the CAI checkpoint examinations in English, Science and Mathematics at Year 9. This helps inform us of progress and better understand students’ academic journey and support requirements as they enter the IGCSE programme.

Academic and personalized support for our learners is at the heart of our secondary school. Our pastoral care team, encompasses Student Success Services who focus of supporting learners with identified needs, coupled with our in house emotional counselling services for learners truly adds to our holistic approach to developing each and every learner. LICS learners benefit from the highest level of guidance from our University and Careers guidance counsellor who work closely with all learners to advise on making the correct, informed and individualised choices for their future destination. This allows all our learners to access the most appropriate advice in preparation for ‘life after LICS’. Many of our alumni attend universities worldwide in destinations such as America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia and many African countries.

Our extensive curriculum is supplemented by a broad and balanced extracurricular offering to all students. This includes a diverse enrichment programme that realises learning beyond the curriculum in such areas as Photography, Fashion Design, Robotics, Duke of Edinburgh Award, World Scholar’s Cup, Model United Nations and much more. This is in additional to our strong sports and music programmes overseen by the specialist staff in the sports department and Arts academy.

Within the secondary school we believe parental contact is crucial to the home-school relationship. To this end, all parents receive termly report with additional face to face Parent Teacher Conferences and Student Led Conferences, where the learner presents to their parents on their progress and school experience., periodically across the academic year.

With specialist subjects being taught across the secondary school, we are proud and privileged to have a highly qualified and dedicated team of specialist in their areas. These skilled professionals are supported by a strong structure of both pastoral and academic leaders who ensure the highest level of educational experience and continual development within the secondary school.


Student well-being underpins the successful education of the “whole” child. For this reason, LICS Secondary has in place a robust pastoral programme devoted to the holistic care of our students. Key Stage leaders work closely with a team of pastoral tutors, the Student Success Coordinator and the School Counsellor to ensure that we comprehensively understand our students so we can provide maximum support.

Student well-being can be supported in several ways, from the positive interaction between a student and a member of staff, to house activities that bring students together across years, to events such as International Day which celebrate the diversity of our school community.

Pastoral care is also part of the curriculum. We provide PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) through a comprehensive scheme of work covering themes such as: resilience, physical and emotional health, dreams and goals, and social and employability skills. The goal of PSHE is to support students in their growth as

  • discerning and mindful human beings willing to participate as positive citizens
  • solution-focused individuals – knowing how and when to solve their own problems, and when to seek help
  • resilient, caring people – caring for one’s self and others
  • questioning and challenging minds that want to learn
  • emotionally literate individuals with the self-knowledge for self-efficacy

The PSHE programme is delivered by form tutors who meet with their forms daily. During pastoral time, tutors also strive to foster a ‘community within a community’ atmosphere in which they celebrate learner successes, support individuals through challenges, supervise activities that build caring relationships, and maintain oversight of the academic and social-emotional well-being of their tutees.

School Counsellors

The social and emotional counsellor also plays a key role in promoting well-being across secondary, providing care for the entire student body as well as offering small group and one-on-one counselling for those in need. The recent coffee morning on ‘parenting and motivation’ proved wildly popular and this provision will be extended with the counselling team offering more presentations.

Student Success Services

The Student Success Team offers their services to students throughout secondary. Our team works in tandem with teachers in all areas of the curriculum and provides in-class learning support specifically tailored to address a range of learning, language and behavioural needs. This includes individual and small group support.

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