As Mandela said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”

Welcome to the Sport and PE department at LICS. In keeping in line with the school vision of ‘maximising the potential of future world citizens’, our department strives to challenge students to grow in their sporting, health, wellbeing and academic abilities and to be adequately prepared for University by the end of their A-levels. We believe that students should graduate from secondary school prepared for the demands of post-secondary education, meaningful careers and effective citizenship. Through our Physical Education and competitive sporting programme, we hope that students will continue to develop their physical literacy skills, while exploring, analysing and impacting on the world around them.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to learning experiences that will enable our students to develop and achieve an understanding of physical wellbeing and a passion for lifelong participation.

In Physical Education our curriculum vision is clear, and student focused:

Engage, enjoy, succeed

To create an enjoyable environment for both staff and pupils where together, we strive to learn and improve, and where participation and achievement are measured and celebrated.

As a department, we aim to provide a challenging, disciplined, and safe environment for high quality learning and teaching. Pupils should experience a balance of activities, which has the necessary consistency and breadth to develop the Curriculum.

By the end of their physical education at Lusaka International Community School, students should have developed a personal commitment to, and genuine passion for, maintaining their health and well-being into adult life.

LICS PE Curriculum Vision

“At LICS, we strive to deliver a balanced and diversely rich curriculum that meets the needs of all our students on their learning journeys. Our curriculum aims to challenge, engage and support students to grow and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to empower them to remove barriers to achievement.”

In Physical Education our students will:

  • Be physically active for sustained periods of time within a lesson.
  • Be encouraged and motivated to develop their full potential through a range of purposeful, yet enjoyable activities within a challenging environment.
  • Have the development of interpersonal skills (organisation, co-operation, initiative, and responsibility) promoted, and to heighten self-esteem, whilst being encouraged tolerate and respect other groups and individuals.
  • Improve their ability to accurately evaluate their own and others’ performance to support progression.

In Physical Education our Strategic Intent is to develop a curriculum that:

  • Promotes the acquisition and application of skills appropriate to each activity, and to develop the ability to positively transfer skills across activities.
  • Promote the ability to select and apply skills and tactics to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking.
  • Provides the necessary stimuli to encourage the development of decision making, imaginative thinking and problem solving.
  • Promotes competition to challenge the elite.
  • Provides accurate assessment models that develop positive academic self-concept and aspirations.
  • Provides good to outstanding lessons to drive progress; this will be consistent across all teachers.

There are two AstroTurf areas which are floodlit, providing for Hockey/Football and wet weather training areas during the rainy season. LICS is the first school in the province to have its own AstroTurf. The school has a 25m five-lane, heated swimming pool complete with diving blocks and a 10m learning pool. The school has two under cover hard court areas for sports like netball/volleyball and basketball.

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