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We believe that all students are unique, all students have value, and that all students can learn in a supportive environment. We have a passion for developing emotional intelligence within students, caring for their wellbeing and ensuring that they can access the broader curriculum whilst developing their confidence and emotional security to take risks with their learning. All students face challenges in their education and have varying degrees of learning differences.  The primary role of the Student Success Service is to identify these differences and work with students who need emotional or academic support to progress and achieve their potential.

We are privileged to have solid, experienced staff within the department. Our staff are professionally trained in assessing learning difficulties and providing extra support to students with mild learning needs. They will observe a student in  individual lessons and, with parent permission, will carry out various types of assessments. Parents are involved in major decisions and are kept fully informed of any discussions about individualised programmes.

The Student Success department will act as a consultancy service to parents, class and subject teachers. We will provide a support system that ensures all students’ needs are catered for. Appropriate strategies will be designed and implemented in accordance with the needs of every student that has been referred to the Student Success Service. These strategies may include, but are not limited to; classroom observation and support, selected individual targets and action plans, Pen Portraits and Individual Educational Plans (IEPs). Students will also receive individualised support or counselling if it is required. Interventions are not rigid and will adapt and evolve as the student progresses. The Student Success Service is dedicated to minimising the learning differences through close liaison between the student, parents and teachers.

Counselling is an additional service offered within the Student Success Service. Students who feel motivated and engaged can concentrate better in class, increase their attendance in school, and improve their behaviour. Counselling is a confidential process designed to help address concerns, to better understand “yourself”, and to learn effective interpersonal coping strategies. It is an open, collaborative learning process that takes time and practice. Counselling aims to teach cognitive flexibility, emotional regulation and how to be more mindful. Students who attend regular counselling sessions feel more in control of their thought processes, mood, feelings, and behaviour with time. Counselling promotes discussions regarding boundaries, self-regard, self-understanding, self-control, substance abuse, stress management, identity and fostering healthy relationships.

The structure of our department is:

Norah Buckley  is our Student Success Service Coordinator for Secondary.  Norah has over 20 years of experience working with educationally challenged students across the world.

Busiku Mbewe is our Student Success Service Coordinator for Primary.  Busiku leads a successful team in meeting the needs of children with additional academic and emotional needs.

Monica Grijalva is the Secondary School Counsellor.  Monica is a qualified clinical psychologist who specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has many years of experience working alongside children and young adults in private healthcare and international school settings.

We believe in celebrating difference and are proud to offer individualised and integral support to create well-balanced individuals who can achieve their full potential.

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